Research Snapshots 1

  1. Bob Kosovsky (New York Public Library)

Summary:  Despite being well-known for decades and their complete issue on LP in 1985, the Mapleson Cylinders have eluded scholarly attention. I hope to start scholarly conversation by talking about the content of the cylinders not only from a musicological point of view but also from the point of view of sound studies, or what the non-musical evidence of the cylinders can tell us about the cylinders’ existence and purpose.

2. Filip Šír and Martin Mejzr (The National Museum, Czech Republic)

Summary: National Museum of the Czech Republic and its “New Phonograph: Listening to the History of Sound” Project have acquired last year a unique device from the US, the Endpoint Cylinder Player. This machine can play phonograph cylinders using optical  technology and give us the huge opportunity to research, preserve and make available the content of this oldest commercial sound recording medium to the general public. Our contribution will shortly present the contemporary work, latest discoveries and outlooks in the research of phonograph cylinder recordings in Czech Republic.


3. Naila Ceribasic (Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb)

Summary: With a group of ethno/musicologists and music archivists, I have just started a four-year research project on the record industry in Croatia from 1927 to the end of 1950s. This talk is about the start of the project in question, primarily the incentives, methodological issues and the main objectives. More on the project can be found at:

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