Phonograph sessions

Symposia one (University of Huddersfield), four (Guildhall School of Music and Drama) and five (City University London) organized by the network included practical phonograph-recording sessions. To our knowledge, this is the first time that phonograph-recording sessions were integrated in a research project in this way, i.e., sessions inviting a wide range of performers to try our phonograph-recording in an experimental way, and open to the public so that the audience could witness and give feedback on the recording process. All phonograph-recording sessions were led by Duncan Miller, from Vulcan Records (Sheffield).

The links below provide access to a range of documentation from each recording session: a video; the digitization(s) of the resulting cylinder; and, where possible, a testimony from the performers on their experience as well as photographs from the session. We hope that these documents can stimulate further research questions and answers among researchers of early recordings. For more details about the sessions as a whole, the making of and the kinds of questions we found they estimulated, click here or refer to the individual symposia reports.

Kate Bennett Wadsworth (cello) / Inja Stanovic (piano), G.P. Marie, “La cinquantaine”

Kate Bennett Wadsworth (cello) / Ian Pace (piano), C. Gounod, “Ave Maria”

Jeroen Billiet (French horn)/ Inja Stanovic (piano), G. Puccini, Finale from act 2 from Madama Butterfly

Jeroen Billiet (French horn)/ Inja Stanovic (piano), C. Gounod, No. 1 from Mélodies pour le cor a pistons

Barbara Gentili (soprano)/ Inja Stanovic (piano). F. Tosti, “Che dicci, o parola del saggio?”

Job ter Haar (cello)/ Inja Stanovic (piano). J. Massenet, “Élegie”

Job ter Haar (cello)/ Inja Stanovic (piano). R. Wagner, “Morgenstern”

George Kennaway (cello)/ Inja Stanovic (piano), F. Thome, “Simple confession”

David Milsom (violin)/ Inja Stanovic (piano). L. van Beethoven, Minuet in G major, WoO 10, no. 2

David Milsom (violin)/ Joanna Staruch-Smolec (violin). L. Spohr, Duo for 2 violins Op. 67 no. 2

Eva Moreda Rodríguez (soprano). Ruperto Chapí, “Ay de mí” and Manuel Fernández Caballero, “Canción del espejo”

Eva Moreda Rodríguez (soprano) / Ian Pace (piano). C. Gounod, “Ave Maria”

Daniele Palma (tenor). Tosti, “Mattinata”; Donizetti, “Una furtiva lacrima”; Verdi, “Questa o quella”

Neal Peres da Costa (piano). L. van Beethoven, Écossaisse in E flat

Krzysztof Potocznik (piano), F. Chopin, Mazurka op. 24 no. 2

Ana-Maria Rincon (soprano)/ Neal Peres da Costa (piano). F.J. Haydn, Mermaid song

Ana-Maria Rincon (soprano)/ Hilary Metzger (cello), G.F. Handel, “Figlio d’alte speranze”

Ana-Maria Rincon (soprano)/ Hilary Metzger (cello) / Neal Peres da Costa (piano). G. Lucantoni, “Ave Maria”

Joanna Staruch-Smolec (violin)/ Krzysztof Potocznik (piano). H. Robbie/G. Rice, “Dear Old Pal of Mine”

Joanna Staruch-Smolec (violin)/Job ter Haar (cello)/Inja Stanovic (piano)/Neal Peres da Costa (piano), J. Brahms, Hungarian Dance no. 1

Fátima Volkoviskii (soprano). S. Yradier, “La Paloma” and J. Valverde, “Clavelitos”

Emily Worthington (clarinet)/ Inja Stanovic (piano). C. M. von Weber, Concertino

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