George Kennaway records Thome’s “Simple confession” on phonograph

George Kennaway (cello) recorded F. Thome’s “Simple confession” from Romances sans paroles during the first symposium of the network, under the supervision of recording engineer Duncan Miller, held on 12th September 2021 at the University of Huddersfield.

Listen to George’s transferred cylinder below:

George’s commentary on the experience:

Did you have any experience of using mechanical recording technologies before?

I had no experience of using any mechanical technologies before

How did you like the experience of recording on a phonograph?

It was fascinating because I instantly ditched the ‘sensitive’ aspects of the piece in favour of simple audibility

Did you need to change certain aspects of your playing/singing? 

Same as 2

Did this experience influence the way you will listen to phonograph recordings in the future?

Yes, I’ll listen differently!

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